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Real-time massive data streaming and cloud integration is a crucial IoT concept. Cloud infrastructure is used for data storage, processing and analysis. Most of the business logic for IoT applications is also implemented on the cloud level. Therefore, scalable, reliable and flexible web applications that manage various devices and sensors ecosystems are probably the most essential IoT components.

business challenges

We were commissioned to develop a web application for a laboratory environment monitor, which helps the operator to analyze sensor data in real time.

value delivered

We've developed a user-friendly web interface that lets the system operator view a range if data on the environment conditions in the building. To make the system more intuitive, the sensor data was visualized and aligned with the building plan. Additionally, we have introduced a set of rules for different scenarios with the corresponding alerts, notifications and warning messages sent to the user.


We used AngularJS for the front-end part and Flask with MySQL for the back-end. The data was streamed from sensors to the cloud via the MQTT protocol. In order to establish this communication, a MQTT broker was configured.

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